[LIPS] Replace static fee system by dynamic fee system

Iker Alustiza iker at lightcurve.io
Wed Feb 13 05:01:46 EST 2019

Dear Lisk community,

With this email I want to kickstart the discussion and gather your feedback for a LIP regarding the roadmap objective "Replace static fees with dynamic fee system”. You can find a short summary of the LIP and the full proposal in the attachment below.


This LIP proposes a dynamic fee system as a free fee market where the fixed fee for all transaction types will be removed and a minimum fee will be defined for every transaction. Any transactions received with a fee below that minimum fee will be rejected. For each transaction, it will be up to the issuer to choose an appropriate transaction fee depending on the network load, which has to be at least the minimum transaction fee.

Note that the values given in this proposal for the three fee constants may vary before the proposal is finalised depending on the feedback gathered on this mail thread.

Iker Alustiza
Cryptographer, Lightcurve
iker at lightcurve.io <http://lists.lisk.io/mailman/listinfo/lips_lists.lisk.io>
www.lightcurve.io <http://www.lightcurve.io/>

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