[LIPS] Change to one vote per account

Jan Hackfeld jan.hackfeld at lightcurve.io
Tue Feb 5 08:08:29 EST 2019

Dear Lisk community,

the roadmap phase "Delegated Proof of Stake" suggests several 
improvements of the delegated proof of stake system used in Lisk. With 
this email, I would like to start the discussion regarding one of the 
objectives of this phase, namely "Change voting system". The voting 
system has been extensively discussed in the community in the past (see 
https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk/issues/353). Here at Lightcurve we had a 
close look at all these different ideas and we are now eager to gather 
your feedback regarding our LIP "Change to one vote per account" on this 
mailing list. You can find a short summary of the LIP below and the full 
proposal in the attachment.

This LIP proposes a change of the voting system for the election of 
delegates in Lisk. We suggest to only allow one vote per account with a 
vote weight given by the balance of that account. The goal is to 
increase the decentralization of the network by disincentivizing 
coalitions between active delegates and creating a healthy competition 
for active delegate slots. Moreover, the proposed voting system is very 
simple and encourages a high participation of stakeholders.

Jan Hackfeld
Cryptographer, Lightcurve
jan.hackfeld at lightcurve.io
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