[LIPS] Remove pre-hashing for block and transaction signatures

Andreas Kendziorra andreas.kendziorra at lightcurve.io
Thu Nov 22 05:35:03 EST 2018

Dear Lisk community,

With this email I want to kickstart the discussion and gather your 
feedback regarding the LIP "Remove pre-hashing for block and transaction 
signatures". You can find a short summary of the LIP and link to the 
LIPS repository below.


This LIP proposes to remove the hash-then-sign paradigm for block and 
transaction signatures in the Lisk protocol. That means, block or 
transaction data should be signed instead of the hash digest of block or 
transaction data. We elaborate on why this paradigm is typically used, 
and why it provides more disadvantages than advantages in the Lisk 
protocol, where Ed25519-SHA-512 is used.


Andreas Kendziorra
Cryptographer, Lightcurve
andreas.kendziorra at lightcurve.io

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