[LIPS] Introduce new flexible, resilient and modular architecture for Lisk Core

Nazar Hussain nazar at lightcurve.io
Thu Nov 22 04:55:49 EST 2018

Dear Lisk community,

With this email I want to kickstart the discussion and gather your feedback regarding the LIP "Introduce new flexible, resilient and modular architecture for Lisk Core". You can find a short summary of the LIP and link to the LIPS repository below.


This LIP proposes a new application architecture for Lisk Core, that is of a flexible and modular design. The goals of the new application architecture are:

- Looser coupling between modules through functional isolation.
- Optional elastic scaling for modules over multiple cores, threads or machines.
- Easier extensibility through the use of a plugin pattern and a supporting API.
- Increased resilience to individual module processing failure.


Nazar Hussain
Backend Developer, Lightcurve
nazar at lightcurve.io

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